Vintage Potholders

April 9, 20133 Comments

When I try to remember the very first vintage crochet potholder that started my obsession with collecting, I cannot.  I do remember so many thrilling moments hunting through piles of linens and digging through boxes at flea markets, searching online auctions, and strolling through antique stores in search of the next delightful treasures.  Online auctions have enabled me to collect potholders from all over the world.  Each new discovery fuels my obsession to find the next.  I am amazed at how many incredibly beautiful potholders there are.  Just knowing I will never see them all adds to the excitement of collecting.

I started grouping the potholders together in sets of six and creating patterns to sell on  Each time I purchased new designs I would lay them out and sort them into piles that I thought would look good together.  When a set of six looked really good together, I sent them to the pattern writer.  Eventually, the amount of potholders I was buying far outpaced the amount we were writing patterns for. There ended up being over 100 potholders just lying in a box.

One day I realized that the breezeway wall in our office would be perfect for displaying the potholders.  One weekend when no one was at work, I started hanging the potholders.  Using a very long cotton clothesline I made six lines about twelve inches apart and fifteen feet long on each side of the door.   One by one I started hanging the beautiful potholders with miniature clothespins.

The sight that began to unfold as I hung more and more potholders was amazing!  I kept texting in-progress pictures to my daughter who loves vintage things too. When I finished there were six lines on each side almost filled with thirty potholders each. All I could think of was the hours of crochet and artistic expression that went into each one of these works of art.  I am truly blessed and honored to have such a stunning collection.



















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  1. WOW! Beautiful!! I love the way you have them displayed! I collect these, too, but my collection is no where near half as big as yours.

  2. Donna says:

    I can so relate to your blog! When I ran across your picture of these vintage potholders I was pretty overwhelmed with memories of my grandmothers and my mom… Thank you SO much for sharing. Do you know where one might acquire some of this patterns?

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